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LGBTQ+ Greeting Cards for the LGBTQ+ Community

Because when two hearts fits together, nothing else matters!

Truly Compatible Cards
We have an exclusive range of LGBTQ+ cards available to order online and ready to be personalised with your own special message. Shop our online card selection, including Gay & Lesbian Birthday Cards, LGBTQ+ Wedding Cards, Gay & Lesbian Valentine's Day Cards, LGBTQ+ Father's Day Cards, LGBTQ+ Mother's Day Cards and LGBTQ+ Christmas Cards.

Passionate About Cards
We are very proud to be a part of a community that is so bright, colourful, passionate and fearless and we hope to run this company with the same qualities. Each card you see on this website has been designed with so much passion, time, love and hope to be able to represent the message you all are trying to share with your loved ones, on some of the most important days of their lives.

It All Started With An Idea
With the amazing help of the Prince’s Trust charity, they believed in us enough to make our dream come true by supporting our business and get it off the ground. We have many goals which include making all kinds of new products and cannot wait to give back to our community some day, but the main goal that we all share, and what Compatible Cards is truly about, is to help spread love and equality around the world through our products.

Unique Mugs
We hope that you can find the perfect card to share with the people closest to you but if you are looking for something extra, then our designs have also made their way onto our exclusive range of LGBTQ+ mugs.

Our Community

We would love to see the where our Compatible Cards end up. Feel free to share a photo of you with our card by using #compatiblecards

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A Prince's Trust Supported Business
Compatible Cards is proud to be a Prince's Trust supported business